Electrostatic Coating

Aluminum Department / Steel Department

Electrostatic coating is the coverage of aluminum and steel with special resins (powder), in order to achieve anti-corrosion protection and surface coloring.

Indicatively, some of the possible applications are:

frames, doors, rolls, window screens, shading systems, pergolas, railings, store equipment, storage systems, medical equipment, metal furniture, office furniture, lighting fixtures, cast fittings, lighting columns, playgrounds, air-conditioning applications, metal recycling bins, metal railing, and multiple other applications.


  • High endurance to indoor and outdoor conditions
  • Evenly fixed aesthetic result
  • Vast variety of colors
  • Provision of solutions for every work’s requirements

Aluminum Department

Steel Department

Wood Finishing Department

Wood Finishing is an industrial procedure that allows the decoration of aluminum, steel and other non-deformable materials at 200 o C. Most common uses for unique decorative coating are: frames, doors, rolls, window screens, shading systems, pergolas.


Wood finishing, in comparison to other finished products (such as wood or plastic), is proved to be a long lasting investment that requires no maintenance, but a simple periodic cleaning.

  • Powder coating with wood finishing is environmentally friendly.
  • It does not produce any waste and exempts from the use of hard emissions.
  • Wood Finishing is durable and offers protection from UV radiation and humidity.

Chemical Lab

Quality has always played a definite role in Electrovam. Therefore, we invest in continuous quality checks providing required laboratory equipment, so that we are 100% sure about the excellence of our result.

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