Our Development

The progress of our company is continuously ascending and far from any expectation in both departments – aluminum and metal. Electro.v.a.m. has been distinguished among all other coating facilities in the market, due to the company’s puncuality and professionalism alongside the non-stop training of its employees. Client respect, preservation of quality service and providing the best possible assistance as a guide, Electro.v.a.m. continues its course even more vigorously.


The Iliadis Brothers establish ELECTRO.V.A.M. in Thessaloniki with the initial objective of electrostatic coating of metal.


The company is been relocated in privately owned premises of 2500 m2 , in the industrial region of Oreokastro, where it still resides until today. At the time, the company has in its disposal state-of-the-art machinery and advanced production line of electrostatic coating for iron products.


The company broadens the scope of its capacities with the new unit of electrostatic coating, this time adressing aluminum products, positioning it in a newly built construction of 2500 m2.


The company’s growing advancement is still in motion with the establishment of the third, innovative production line of wood imitation effect in the construction of 1000 m2.

Welcome to Electro.v.a.m.

The company, ELECTRO.v.a.m., owned by Iliadis Brothers, has been established in Thessaloniki since 1983.

Its main activity is electrostatic coating of aluminum and metal.

Since 1988, the company has been opeating in privately owned premises of 6000 m2, having in its possession three contemporary production lines (Metal- Aluminum- Wood Imitation).

We specialize in:

Aluminum Colors
Metal Colors
Wood imitation colors